Graduate student at Parsons The New School for Design pursuing MFA in Design+Technology

Portfolio Website

A color-coded portfolio site I did for my Web final during Bootcamp, MFADT 2014. Scroll in the bars to see more of my works!

poinTARTA GUI art generator for one of my code assignments during Bootcamp, MFADT 2014.
PatternsSome interactive patterns I made through Processing for one of my code assignments.
Touch me not
A 2-player game prototype where one player has to use the arrow keys to move Cartman around and the other player has to catch it with the mouse.
Made this for one of the code assignments during Bootcamp, MFADT 2014.
FlowsophyA book containing minimal abstractions of philosophical thoughts and insights inspired by the descriptions of some of the cities in the book Invisible Cities by Calvino Italo.
One of my design assignments for Bootcamp, MFADT 2014.

Black Strings

Black Strings
New blog! My black and white photography, conceptual typography, experimental designs, music doodles and mixes.

C4D + Photoshop
(An installation idea involving typography and neon lights)
Wall Wave Piller Observer Street
Observe. Serve.
Photoshop + Photography